Bits / Cryptic Troll / 1932 / Choose Yr Weapon / Tapping The Walls / Ditto

from by Stereo Creeps

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This track is actually all 6 tracks put together exactly like they were released on the cassette version of "CASSETTE"


Bits - taking hits blown to bits nowhere left to hide / traumatized by crazy eyes in our dreams tonight / exploding pigs or bacon bits I just can't decide / when they fly who will die it's not up to you when they preside / we just wanna get there faster / vanish in a cloud and disappear / nothing but a true disaster would ever change the way they think they should be / decide

Cryptic Troll - twisted logic from the mouth of a snake so shallow and fake / spitting venom trying so hard to make them all go away / if you don't wanna be like this anymore then pull out the cord and find another way to deal with the hate / I think it's too late / It must be hard to live inside your mind when it's toxic and filled with disease / I think everything got lost in the smoke, the mirror's a joke / chew up and swallow all of your bitter pills and head for the hills / if you don't want to sound like that anymore then change all the chords and find another way that you can relate / I think it's too late / it must be hard to live inside your mind feeling so paranoid / it's easier to lie, your mind is toxic and filled with disease...bring me back around

1932 - load another bowl / try to find your god / look into his eyes / make the children cry / the devil is your friend / he'll be there in the end / he taught me how to smoke and now I'm gonna choke

Choose Yr Weapon - I lost my sense of smell the chunks I drink are lumps of milk (ha ha that's so funny) / half my fingers and most of all my toes (ha ha that's so funny) / come and play with me and taste my broken lightbulbs (ha ha that's so funny) / the outlet on the wall holds my favorite fork of all / here that's not allowed near or around that pile used to be somebody in my hair / new year's eve in a gay bar on mushrooms (ha ha that's so funny) / expired coupons bought me all these scabs (ha ha that's so funny) / All I know is there's blood everywhere (ha ha that's so funny) / choose yr words and use them very carefully (ha ha that's so funny) / here that's not allowed near or around that pile used to be your body but this life ain't for everybody near around pushed down the stairs (ha ha ha ha ha ha)

Tapping The Walls - I've been tapping the walls in the hallway just to see how far I can push you / I'm coming back again shapes are shifting moving on the ceiling I'm watching, waiting, freezing, I'm not breathing / the sun will come up again in the morning when you wake up without warning I'm watching, waiting, freezing, I'm not breathing / can't you hear me screaming your name again / something here is wrong / I know you feel alone / I don't know where I belong...It's not perfect but sweet now and then the harsh sounds bring me back around

Ditto - (ahhhh)


from CASSETTE, track released July 15, 2016
written, arranged and performed by Stereo Creeps



all rights reserved


Stereo Creeps Seattle, Washington

Fuck this digital bullshit! We're headin' to the hills! Seriously though, if you would like this album on vinyl (the way it's meant to be heard) or CD come see us live or hit us up on FB.

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